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What was the Median Size of Businesses Attacked by Ransomware in Q1 2021?

Q: What was the Median Size of Businesses Attacked by Ransomware in Q1 2021? A: 200 – Because Midsize Enterprises are the Preferred Target. Surprised? There’s more: Almost 76% of ransomware attacks in Q1 2021 were on businesses with les [...]

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SASE Architecture: The Evolution of Network Security

One emerging solution architecture that has gained traction to help secure modern distributed organizations is called Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

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Colonial Pipeline and VPN Vulnerabilities

According to a Bloomberg report, the attack on Colonial Pipeline can be traced to the company's insufficient diligence in following a number of IT best practices related to its remote access solutions.

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MSSPs – Winning in the SASE Midsize Enterprise Market with ZTEdge

Midsize enterprises, and the MSSPs that serve them, are typically an afterthought for big enterprise security vendors. Enter ZTEdge - the right solution at half the cost.

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Machine Learning in Identity and Access Management

Take a closer look at how machine learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence, is being deployed in cybersecurity for identity and access management security controls.

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Why Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), Why Now?

Remote browser isolation (RBI) has evolved from a "fringe" technology with rough edges that affected performance and user experience to a new class of RBI product that is ready for prime time.

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Midsize Enterprises Migrate to Cloud-Based Zero Trust Solutions Right-Sized for Them

Adopting a cloud-based Zero Trust security approach is the best way for midsize enterprises to defend their distributed workforces against today’s cyber threats.

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Zero Trust for MSEs

ZTEdge was founded specifically to provide a comprehensive Zero Trust cloud security solution for midsize enterprises.

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Government, Zero Trust and Ransomware

Dr. Chase Cunningham and Rick Holland discuss the recent ransomware attacks, how the government should or shouldn't respond, and the role Zero Trust might play in the future.

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