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ZTEdge Blog

The ZTEdge team and guest bloggers share their latest thinking on Zero Trust, SASE and the key cyber issues of the day.

Phishing in 2021: Another “Year Like No Other”

Phishing soared in 2021, building on a record-breaking 2020. Variations leading the growth included “smishing,” “vishing” and malicious social media.

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T-Mobile Hit with VPN Compromise

The LAPSUS$ cybercrime gang gained access to T-Mobile’s VPN simply by purchasing initial access from a site that sells access to compromised systems.

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Protect Users and Networks from Malware Hidden in Images and Attached Files

RBI stops steganographic attacks, in which malware is concealed within the code of images or other presumably innocent content, in ways that AV/firewalls cannot detect.

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CISA Extends Recommendations for Securing Web Browsers to Non-Federal Organizations

Roughly a year after issuing recommendations for federal agencies on securing web browsers from malvertising and other web-based threats, CISA has issued similar recommendations for non-federal organizations.

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Fighting Astounding Volumes of Malicious Email

In 2021, each UK government employee received 2,400 malicious emails. Gerry Grealish, Ericom’s CMO, talks about why existing email security solutions cannot address these volumes, and what security professionals can do about it.

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Cyber Insurance: Spreading Risk and Driving it Down

Cyber insurance sounds like a smart idea for insurers and purchasers. But for it to be viable, insurers must improve their understanding of the risks involved, and require companies to implement effective controls.

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Protecting Against Multi-Factor Authentication Hacks

Multifactor authentication is a valuable best practice for cybersecurity. But proper configuration is key: Be sure that poor implementation does not leave pathways open for attack.

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Tracking 2022 Cyber Threat Trends

IBM's analysis of the the billions of cyberattacks conducted in 2021 yields a wealth of insight and information on trends to watch out for in 2022. Take heed!

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New ESG Report Highlights Midsize Enterprise’s Needs for SASE Solutions

What midsize enterprises want from SASE solutions is a bit different from their larger peers, ESG’s Democratizing SASE for Midsize Enterprises reports.

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