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ZTEdge Blog

The ZTEdge team and guest bloggers share their latest thinking on Zero Trust, SASE and the key cyber issues of the day.

Over 50 Billion Brute Force Attacks Launched During the Summer of 2021

A recent cybersecurity report revealed that 55 billion new brute force attacks on RDP ports had been detected between May and August of 2021 - over 450 million attacks every day.

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The Latest Scam from Nigeria: Soliciting Employees to Deploy Ransomware

In a new twist on email-based attacks, cybercriminals are recruiting disgruntled or greedy employees to deploy ransomware in their employers' systems, in exchange for a cut.

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Younger Employees Rebelling Against Cybersecurity Induced Inefficiencies

Information security and IT professionals are increasingly facing a resounding lack of support for their efforts to keep their companies cyber safe with the biggest rebellion coming from the youngest workers.

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C:\>_gAbrIel: A Fictional Thriller Based in the Reality of Artificial Intelligence

Available on Amazon, C:\>_gAbrIel is a fictional thriller about the reality, and threat, of artificial intelligence written by Dr. Chase Cunningham.

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Get your MSSP Zero Trust READY for New Customers That Need Your Help

A new survey of nearly 1300 security and risk professionals highlights the need for MSSPs in the new Zero Trust world.

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Identity & Access Management and ZTNA – Best Buddies (Which is Why ZTEdge Contains Both)

Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) work together for successful implementation of Zero Trust security controls.

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It's Time to Ditch VPNs and move to Zero Trust Network Access for Remote Access

The time is right for most companies to make the switch from VPNs to a Zero Trust-based approach for enabling remoe.

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MPA Best Practice Guidelines Name RBI as Implementation Guidance Infrastructure for Web Filtering and Usage Control

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) Content Security Program updated it Best Practices Guidelines to recommend Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) for Data Security Best Practices.

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What was the Median Size of Businesses Attacked by Ransomware in Q1 2021?

Midsize enterprises (MSEs) are the preferred target for ransomware attacks. How are C-level execs are actively responding and what are their options?

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