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Frictionless Identity and Access Management

Identify and Authenticate. Simple User Experience. Standard Feature of ZTEdge.

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Your Challenge:

Identity-based access, a core Zero Trust concept, is traditionally a very expensive add-on

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Separate Provider

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Complex Configuration

Confidently authenticating identity and enforcing granular least privilege access policies is a core tenet of Zero Trust. But with employees as well as 3rd parties needing access to a proliferating set of apps, databases, and resources, keeping up with who is really who, and what they can access at any given time is an increasingly unmanageable challenge.

Specialty identity vendors that have cropped up to address this complex challenge, but the fees they demand don’t fit within tight IT budgets.

Our Solution:

Identity and access management built directly into ZTEdge

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Universal Directory

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Multi-Factor Auth

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SSO for SaaS Apps

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With or Without PW

ZTEdge’s built-in Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities, which serve as the core authentication platform for ZTEdge security services, can also act as an organization’s universal directory, or broker authentication requests with Active Directory or other SAML-supported directories. SSO is available for SaaS applications.

A wide range of authentication methods are available, and MFA can be added to secure accounts against credential theft and fraud.

Best of all, identity and access management comes as a standard component of ZTEdge, so you can avoid costly identity cloud vendor contracts.

  • Confidently authenticate identity using a simple approach for users
  • Simplify user access to cloud and web-based applications with SSO
  • Eliminate costly identity-vendor contracts and simplify vendor management

Why ZTEdge?

Simple, affordable Zero Trust capabilities in a single integrated cloud platform

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ZTEdge, designed to meet the unique security requirements of small businesses and medium size enterprises, delivers a comprehensive set of Zero Trust security capabilities via a high-performance, resilient cloud platform. A cloud-native architecture and flexible global PoP infrastructure make ZTEdge highly efficient, allowing us to pass significant cost savings along to our customers.

Let us accelerate your move to Zero Trust.

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