Global Cloud Infrastructure

Distributed, high-availability secure network
ZTEdge is delivered on a high-availability elastic cloud infrastructure that scales to deliver the user experience you expect. Always on. Always available. Always secure.

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To minimize latency, geo IP location services automatically route users to the nearest cloud access point. Autoscaling and load balancing ensure high performance regardless of demand.

Points of Presence (PoPs) are centrally managed and monitored, and new PoPs can be deployed in a matter of days.

At the Edge


Each ZTEdge PoP has full-featured, inline security gateways which inspect all traffic and enforce each organization’s specific web, application, data, and network security policies at the edge, where users are connecting to apps and resources. Policy enforcement is user-based and remains consistent regardless of location.

Engineered for Reliability

Redundancy is built into every layer of the ZTEdge cloud platform, from servers to data centers to the connections between them, and both within and across locations. Load balancing and high elasticity deliver a consistent user experience, and the platform’s no-downtime simultaneous update system delivers 99.999% uptime for ZTEdge customers.