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Increase revenue and margin with a comprehensive and affordable Zero Trust security platform built specifically for midsize enterprises and small businesses.

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of midsize enterprises and small businesses suffered a cyberattack last year


of SMBs identify attacks on remote devices and employees as a key concern


of MSEs and SMBs wish their cybersecurity solutions cost less and were more effective

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“As a CIO of a midsize business, I need to ensure we have the right solutions in place to protect our distributed workforce.”

– Dale McCarty

Executive Director Cyberlandia

“Quite often, I hear, ‘Zero Trust is only for big organizations – my company is too small.’ But Zero Trust is a framework for any organization that has data and assets to protect from the malicious actors to which all companies, big or small, are exposed via the Internet. Luckily, Zero Trust can work for your small or midsize business, once you find technology and expertise that fit the unique parameters of your organization.”

John Kindervag

Creator of Zero Trust, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy, ON2IT

“Zero Trust security is an emerging approach that I am a proponent of, so when I heard about ZTEdge and saw that it included all of the Zero Trust capabilities we needed, I was excited to check it out. The solution meets all of our requirements, and it has a price point that I’m sure all businesses our size will find very appealing.”

– Dale McCarty

Executive Director Cyberlandia

“Distributed work environments and the move of applications and data to the cloud are forcing organizations to rethink their security infrastructures. We believe that an approach aligned with Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is what all organizations, including MSEs, should pursue.”

– Mark Mahovlich

Vice President of Strategy & Execution, ICM Cyber

“Remote work is here to stay, so being able to simply and securely connect our users with the apps and resources they need in the cloud or back in the office is critical.”

– Brandon Nokes

Director, Facilities & IT, Devada

“As the CEO of a 100-person SMB, I can tell you firsthand that if I understood and implemented basic cyber hygiene and best practices, I would not have lost time, money, and valuable IP to criminal hackers. I STRONGLY recommend that all SMBs realize that they will not understand how valuable their intellectual property is…until they lose it!”

– Gary Berman

Host of The “CyberHero Adventures Show” and Industry Analyst

“Given the large enterprise orientation of most security solution providers, we wanted a right-sized solution that provided a simple, cost-effective way for MSEs to quickly implement their own SASE strategy. The ZTEdge platform is the solution to do just that and is a valuable addition to the market.”

– Mark Mahovlich

Vice President of Strategy & Execution, ICM Cyber

“Getting the fundamentals right, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), microsegmentation, and following the Zero Trust framework isn’t just good security hygiene; it is the cornerstone of a successful business.”

– Louis Columbus

Cybersecurity Author, VentureBeat

“ZTEdge has a broad set of affordable, always-on security capabilities, including a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) service that will reduce the complexity of remote application access for our teams, improving user experience and security compared to legacy VPN solutions.”

– Brandon Nokes

Director, Facilities & IT, Devada

“ZTEdge offers a unique value proposition for organizations, delivering a comprehensive set of integrated Zero Trust security capabilities via a simple and affordable always-on cloud platform.”

-Kamalika Sandell
Chief Information Officer, New Jersey Institute of Technology

ZTEdge – Zero Trust Security for Midsize Enterprises
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